Charlatans & Twin Flame Encounters

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A definition of a charlatan is said to be someone who falsely claims to have special knowledge or skill.

Twin Flames-

A Twin Flame is said to represent the masculine and feminine polarity of God’s wholeness, opposites attracting and complimenting one another, ones Yin and yang meet and complete the other.

It may take many lifetimes for Twin Flames to evolve to the point of divine reunion. Each persons life journey being a quest to balance negative karma.

Netflix Series- Escaping Twin Flames

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called, Escaping Twin Flames. This peaked my interest having myself, come across the concept of a Twin Flame during my time as Director of my own Wellness Centre. ( Leap of Faith Wellness Centre 2006 to 2015)

In a nutshell, the documentary refers to a a couple, living in the United States of America, named Jeff and Sheleia claiming to be twin flames ( or soulmates) who guarantee you too will find your own twin flame, aka ultimate soulmate.

This will occur apparently after the completion of their course ….which costs in the thousands of dollars.

As reported in the Netflix documentary, the couple claim that as they are twin flames, they can channel and see other twin flames, of which there is only one for each person.

Except when this didn’t occur for quite a number of paying participants, it was broadcast that the couple, started to pair them of …with each other, at times female with female.

According to the couple, to attract ones Twin Flame, one had to clear and raise ones vibration and mirror negativity. This lead to some cutting themselves from family and friends and in turn, being controlled by the couple of who claim, are the only ones who can identify their twin flame.

In around episode three, the couple eluded to Jeff being the second coming of Christ and presented photos comparing the likeness.

Later on in the documentary, it presents the transition of the business into a Church of Union…..apparently in order to reduce taxes. The Church apparently has over 67,000 members today and growing.

So, if they are a Church of Union, I think its fair for me to refer to Gods commandments and biblical reference.

Beware of False Prophets

Beware of false prophets, who come to you insheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15-20

Now, I have long been of the belief that there is one God. And he resides within and above.

My belief is that its the journey inwards that connects us to our higher self and God vibration. On this journey, it is you and your intuition that becomes your ultimate guide. In this process, there occurs amongst other things, responsibility, reflection and personal growth.

It is an ongoing process, because life is an ongoing experience. The balancing of karma comes in to play. I share a poem from my book, A Leap of Faith titled, The Karmic Wheel

The First of the Ten Commandments

1. You shall have no other God’s before me.

A Definition of a cult

A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

Google Search Nov 25 2023

My experience during my nine years as a Director of my Leap of Faith Wellness centre offering healings and channelled readings in Melbourne Australia, lead me to the firm conclusion that the Industry of psychic practice and spiritual healings is in dire need of a clean up, of charlatans, wannabe psychics and ill prepared self professed masters.

In the absence of any regulation for the Industry of Psychic Practice, in Australia this opens the door to anyone claiming to be a master or a psychic channel, charging AUD$100 upwards per hour.

This therefore allows psychic charlatans to not only feed on peoples vulnerabilities but also take advantage of young truly gifted psychics and their sensitive natures.

From my experience and interaction, I concluded that around 80% of those seeking to practice as a psychic healer should not. This conclusion was supported by a minority of true healers, who understood that psychic power came with responsibility and recognition of ones mission for humanity.

I concluded that a minimum age for practicing as a psychic/ healer is better started no younger than 33 years old. This in part is due to toxic environments we live in today. As generations evolves and environments improve, the age may lower.

The Characteristics of a True Master

In Chapter 3, “Ethical Practice” of my book, Pandoras Box- The Call for Regulation and Bringing Back Hope, I write a section titled, The Characteristics of a True Master.

A true master has achieved self-mastery by overcoming ongoing personal challenges.

Self-mastery is not attained with a piece of paper in a weekend workshop.

What we term a spiritual or psychic healer/ teacher/ practitioner is someone who;

  1. Holds a sense of service for the betterment of mankind
  2. Acts as a well-intentioned channel for spirit
  3. Is transparent & encompasses integrity, wisdom, honour and truth
  4. Regards wellness for the mind, body and soul
  5. Makes the choice to work for the highest good
  6. Understands money is the bi-product & support tool of being of service

A competent spiritual psychic healer maintains:

  1. A healthy and clear auric field
  2. Takes responsibility for their personal development
  3. Creates a healthy vibrational-energy environment in which to work
  4. Works with healthy boundary setting, both personally and professionally

Responsibilities of a therapist

The therapist is to guide the client, not control them, towards the art of self love, inner healing, self acceptance and self empowerment. In practical terms, this includes;

  1. The ability to filter and discern information gathered from spirit that is beneficial for the client
  2. To appropriate gathered information in an acceptable manner that is beneficial for the client
  3. To empower a client in their process of spiritual growth and understanding, acceptance and healing

The understanding and development of such skills and attributes are fundamental prerequisites for any practising psychic.

Reference; Chapter 3 Ethical Practice- Pandoras box

Pandoras box

In Greek Mythology, Pandora’s box was a gift from the Gods to Pandora. The box contained all the evils in the world, which were released when Pandora opened the box. But, hope remained in the box.

Pandora’s Box- The call for regulation and bringing back hope

In 2013, when I first started writing my third book, Pandora’s box, my first words were the following which became my prologue;

What have I done? Have I unleashed evil?

I sit. My disappointment goes deep. My sense of duty is strong

I witness those around me who I have enabled to continue their work on vulnerable beings under the guise of service and love, and within an industry that holds no structure, no guidelines, no regulation.…..

After the birth and death of my first born in 2005, I took a Leap of Faith. Part of that journey was taking over a Wellness Centre in my locality. I took out a loan out against my home to purchase the business in 2006.

By 2007, I crossed paths with a psychic charlatan and experienced the true coercion attempts of a cult minded psychopath who was quickly gathering followers. ( See my blog “Pandoras Box – Psychic Crime- A True Story”)

I denied him and in response, he aggressively psychically attacked me. But I remained unbroken and went on to pursue my goals in establishing my Leap of Faith Wellness Centre. ( See my blog, ” Leap of Faith Wellness- How it all started”)

By 2013, after facing many challenges and when I was again threatened by another psychic, I decided it was time to move on from the Wellness centre.

I had opened Pandoras box and in the absence of regulation, the challenges were beyond the scope of safe practices to manage and I too, had to now heal myself from PTSD.

Master Thine own fool

So, back to Charlatans and Twin Flames. Do both exist? Yes they do.

We alone are master of our own ways. We live in the Devils playground, living and learning from experience how to master our own fool within through the life experiences of emotion.

My book Pandoras box shares much on such topics. It is not a subject of initial choice to write about. But my life experience dictated otherwise and the necessity to write such a book was called for.

Welcome to Pandoras Box- The Call for Regulation and Bringing back Hope

E Book AUD$3.99

With love and hope

Anna Jane

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