Pandoras Box- Psychic Crime- A True Story

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Grief and entering the world of Psychic Phenomena-

This has not been an easy journey. It all started in 2005… this lifetime I have learnt to say.

Psychic phenomena exists in parallel worlds and past lives.

And where do I start?

After my first experience of pregnancy, labour, the birth and ultimate death of my first born, James, in the August of 2005, I entered a cycle of grief.

Being of studious mind, I purchased a book titled, On Grief and Grieving. It helped me alot.

Grief, Solace & Creativity

My grief lead me on a journey inwards. Without a partner or close family around, alone, I sought solace inwards and wrote poetry nightly and painted. I entered deep grief and communicated the only peaceful way I came to know …….Creatively and it soothed my being.

I was the eye of my own needle spinning in a whirl wind of deep emotion.

Out of my own love, hate and mental debate, through the journey inwards towards self love, I found my Leap of Faith.

I had entered the world of psychic phenomena of where peace existed…..for now.

I share this time period in my first two publications, A Leap of Faith and An Artists Story.

The Charlatan Psychic

About two months after James passing, I received a called from a man I did not know. I didn’t appreciate this stranger calling me.

He was pushy and wanted to give me a healing. If I had hackles on my back, they were all erect!

After that and about a year later in October 2006, I purchased a popular Wellness Centre in my locality.

By May 2007, I crossed paths with this man again.

Many around me- staff, customers and even some staff from the chemist downstairs were raving about healings a man was giving from his premise opposite my Wellness Centre.

As a result, I decide to check this person out and went to visit.

It was the same man and same strong accent….and I still didn’t like him… but everyone else did.

Regrettably, I doubted myself.

As a matter of fact, he enquired to rent a room at my centre and suggested I had a healing with him to understand what he did so I could promote him and I agreed.

All of a sudden, everything changed.

Psychic Attack- A Frozen State

Its been two weeks since my healing at his Albert Park office and my sleep is no longer my own.

At night time, after falling asleep, I wake, or so I thought and find myself lying on my bed in my bedroom, frozen, I cannot move. I am stuck somewhere in a parallel dimension. And he is on me…

By day, I see him walk in and out of my centre as he sets up his room.

He tells me of a peace award he is being honoured with and offers to show me his stigmata mark on his chest. I politely decline.

He speaks of a radio station he is on and plays me a recording. I listen. Its him being interviewed.

People around me seem to love him

I know its him but I have no proof so I say nothing and pretend I am fine.

Psychic Attack- Psychosis

I cannot get hold of a lady I know.

The last time I saw her, she was beaming about how wonderful she was feeling after her second healing with this man.

Finally she calls me and says she is in hospital, in a Psychiatric ward. When I visit her, she tells me he did this to her and that he kissed her.

It is my learned understanding since that,

When the subconscious overloads the conscious mind with information that it cannot process, psychosis occurs.

Calling his bluff- The Charlatan Psychic

I ask him to come in and talk about his unpaid rent. I want him and all his things gone. He sits directly opposite me, eyes black staring. He looks at me questioningly.

My brain is wrecked with lack of sleep. I keep my focus, to get rid of him …. because of his unpaid rent as far as he was concerned.

He asks,

Did you not feel me come to your bed last night?

My heart beating through my chest, I announce I don’t know what he is talking about and its best he takes his belongings and leave. I exit the room, my boyfriend waiting on the other side of the door.

He takes ages to leave, chanting something…

Energy Vortex – Psychic Attack

I have angered this man.

In the weeks that follow, nightly, I am fighting him off, keeping intact, my mind, body and above all, my soul.

I share my account of a psychic crime in Chapter 5 of my book Pandoras Box. I too share how I over came these attacks.

The Perpetrator/ Psychic Charlatan, what happened to him?

Three years on, in 2010, the police from the sexual crimes department in the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, contacted me, having opened a case against this man, acknowledging his crimes of psychic attack and psychic rape.

The Victorian Health Services Commissioner presented an Investigation Report in November 2009 to the Victorian state parliament and won the right to name this person publicly as a danger to society.

The perpetrator took his own life before facing trial for other recognisable offences, such as falsifying his identity.

Click here for his name and photo

Knowledge is power – Psychic Practice & Psychic Crime

If you know you know, if you don’t you don’t.

In the beginning, I knew little about psychic practice and nothing about psychic crime. Over the next nine years, I continued to run my Wellness centre where healings and psychic readings were popular, later naming it Leap of Faith Wellness. I did not experience another attack like this, ever.

It has been 16 years since this event occurred to me in 2007 and five years since I first published Pandoras box and I have finally made it to my happy place. Grounded. Living life…normally!

I wrote myself out of trauma. Got my life on track. Now I am ready to speak out.

There is much written about psychic practice and spiritual awakening for example, but little written about psychic attack or psychic crime

Pandoras Box- Psychic Crime A True Story

No law today recognises psychic crime; consequently, one cannot be prosecuted for such a crime. Few understand how a psychic attack can occur or that it even exists.

How does a psychic attack occur? To whom would you report this? How does this impact one’s mental psychology and general wellbeing? Can this Industry be regulated? Can we protect society from charlatans that feed of another’s vulnerable state?

The answer is yes and can be found here, in my book, Pandora’s box.

E BOOK AUD $.5.49

Author Anna Jane Wilson

Pandoras box is my account from a lived experience. Today, at the age of 51, I am finally happily married and settled with wisdom and life experience on my side.

I am finally ready to share my story and raise awareness and understanding towards the Industry of Psychic Practice.

To visit my website and see more of my blogs & my art work, please click here

With love, hope and awareness

Anna Jane