Leap of Faith Wellness- How it started!

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Taking a Leap of Faith- From Grief into a Spiritual Awakening Experience!

I was a determined young lady in my early thirties with a vision to take over an established centre in my locality in 2006.

Then known as Blue Angel, I was working there already as a qualified massage therapist.

Incredibly, the birth and loss of my first born- a son- a year prior in 2005 – became my Leap of Faith.

Without this life changing experience, I would not have taken such a Leap of Faith and purchased the centre, obtaining a bank loan to do so.

And, three years later, I renamed my centre, Leap of Faith Wellness. This was the same year I have birth to my baby girl!

The centre was refurbished in 2008 and again later in 2012. I loved using an abundance of colour.

My Leap of Faith Flower Logo

On the 18th August 2005, the day of my first borns cremation, I painted my flower logo- shown below against a blue background.

It was also the day, deep in grief, I scribbled on a scrap piece of paper, Leap of Faith Wellness….World-wide.

Later, I had this flower and name proudly displayed as my Leap of Faith Logo in the window of my centre located in Acland Court, Acland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

Bookshop- Leap of Faith Wellness

I loved filling my shop with books on self help, quantum physics, inner child healing, spiritual awakening and much more!

I also sold crystals. I would hand choose them myself, writing up the descriptions. Open 7 days, it was a lot of hard work, particularly with a young child in tow.

Entrance and Waiting room- Leap of Faith Wellness

Around my centre, I hung up my art. I share these Art pieces in my second publication, “An Artists Story.” I enjoyed bringing an abundance of colour into the centre.

Therapy Rooms- Leap of Faith Wellness

With around 14 therapists over 7 days, I had five therapy rooms. At first, I continued to offer the services that came with the business when I purchased it including Yoga, Remedial massage, Reiki healings, and Psychic readings.

Later as we grew and attracted more therapists, we offered Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Counselling.

In 2014, I decided to downsize and relocate. I moved closer to the primary school where my daughter was due to start.

The same fabulous friend who had helped me refurbish the first centre, also helped with this one. The below photo shows the transformation from empty shell into bookshop. Thank you David 🙂

Nine years plus about 70 plus therapists on ….I finally sold the business in 2015.

My Books

I self published my first two publications ; “A Leap of Faith” (2011) and “An Artists Story.” (2013) and sold these in my shops.

I wrote these during my time of grief, inner child healing and spiritual awakening before taking over the first centre in 2006

E Book AUD$3.99
E Book AUD$3.99

Pandoras box- A Psychic Crime – PTSD

Trauma was eroding inside my being

Sadly and naively, within my first year of ownership, in 2007, I became the target of a charlatan psychic.

Despite my leap of faith, determination and achievements, I suffered with PTSD and chronic pain and was close to collapse with neck in brace by the time I sold the business in 2015.

I wrote Pandoras box the same year I sold the business, writing out my embedded trauma.

I then studied Psychology enrolling in a course called, Transpersonal Art Therapy at the IKON Institute, Melbourne Australian

I have much to share with my book, Pandoras box, now available for the first time as an E Book.

E Book AUD $5.49

In 2017, and after the publication of Pandoras box, I decided to close my door to my spiritual awakening and anything to do with psychic practice. I needed time to process PTSD and embedded trauma. By now, I was living with chronic pain.

I focused on my family. I married in December 2017 and joined forces with my husband and Michelin Star Chef in running his hands on and online cooking schools Trupp The Chefs Table

A New Leap of Faith with wisdom of experience!

Today 2023, I am embarking on a new Leap of Faith, this time with wisdom of experience on my side!

I have so much to share and new art!

For more on me visit ABOUT ANNA JANE WILSON and my new website. LEAPOFFAITHWELLNESS.COM.AU

With love and light and so much more to come!

Anna Jane X