Pandora’s Box

How does a psychic attack occur? To whom would you report this? How does this impact one’s mental, psychological and general wellbeing?

Can this industry be regulated? Can an educational program exist to educate young gifted psychics? Can psychic practice be accepted and understood as an extension of the human experience today?

The answer is yes and can be found here, in Pandora’s box.

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Hello there and welcome to my page!

My name is Anna Jane Wilson and I am the founder of Leap of Faith Wellness.

I established the name on the 18th August 2005, the cremation day of my first born, James. In my moment of grief, I wrote on a piece of scrap paper, “Leap of Faith Wellness….” Like an epiphany, it was as though I had given birth not only to my son, but also to my own Leap of Faith and a calling from deep within.

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