About Anna


Anna Jane Wilson

A Little About Me!

My name is Anna Jane, and today, now in my early 50’s, I am turning my energy towards my passions for art and writing. I have overtime self-published three books, A Leap of Faith, An Artists Story, and Pandoras Box. I am also a wife, mother, and co-director of my husband’s cooking school, a professional Michelin Star Chef…lucky me!

My first book A leap Faith is like an autobiography written in rhythmic prose/ poetry. My first prose titled, Energy, which I absolutely love the vibration of, I wrote at the age of 21.  It speaks of mastering your energy!

During my 20’s, I travelled a lot working as a fashion model around Europe. Each of my prose expresses a sentiment I felt at the time of its writing, my love, my hate, my mental debate, my questions, my yearnings for love, my battle within, my view of the world, its ego, its pain, and its suffering.

The beginning of Leap of Faith Wellness

At the age of thirty- three, I took my own Leap of Faith after the birth and death of my first born. On the day of my baby boy’s cremation, I took a piece of paper and scribbled, “Leap of Faith Wellness….worldwide” and painted my Leap of Faith flower logo. That was some time ago now!

A Journey into Creativity

Untrained in art or creative writing, creativity became my only voice as I navigated my way through the stages of grief, writing and painting intuitively away from my previous left-brain dominant existence. As my Leap of Faith was born through the love and loss of my first child, releasing my past deep hurts, I concluded the final writings of my first publication, A Leap of Faith.

My second publication, An Artists Story, concluded shortly after my first, conveys emotion through the medium of colour using acrylic paints and is a compilation of around 60 art pieces as well as writings.

Pandoras Box

My third publication, titled, Pandora’s Box; The Call for Regulation & Bringing Back Hope is of a completely different genre but still a reflection and result of my life experience post A Leap of Faith.

In Pandoras box, I present how and why regulation and education is imperative for the industry of healing, spiritual and psychic practices, how to identify & sift out the charlatans and most importantly, how the New Age Industry of healing may continue in a manner that is duty of care applied.

So why Pandoras box?

After my experience of child loss and taking my own Leap of Faith into my creative and human potential, I decided to expand further my vision for Leap of Faith wellness and took over a wellness centre in my locality with a bookshop and therapies including healings and readings. Now my background is mostly scientific, and I did not grow up with any knowledge of healings or readings. I could almost say I regret taking over the centre to this day, but I do not believe in living with regret.

At the time, I believed I was embarking on a journey within an Industry of wellness, honesty, integrity, and spiritual wellbeing; however, I soon discovered due to the lack of regulation, education and consequent charlatans that inhibited and continue to inhabit the Industry of psychic practice and spiritual wellbeing, this was not to be the case and early on, I fell victim to a psychic crime, incomprehensible to the average mind, my account of which I share in Pandoras box.

After nine years of directorship, I developed an understanding and appreciation for psychic practice including the psychology behind a practicing psychics demise, how to demystify and bring to the table a practical understanding of what psychic practice, psychic entities and psychic attack actually is, and how to recognise and protect oneself when embarking on a path into ones human potentiality.

Today, I am older, wiser, and now ready to embark once more onto my own path in human potential, this time with the wisdom of experience on my side which I am excited to share with you today!

With love

Anna Jane xx