The Spirit Awakens at Easter Time

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THE SPIRIT AWAKENS is a poem I wrote just before Easter some time back!

The painting, I painted the same year five months later and on the cremation day of my first born, a baby boy. It was a year of change, almost as though I had called in such a challenge.

In the short time I came to know this soul, he taught me about self love and enlivened my forgotten spirit. A gift deeply marked within my being that I can never forget!

As Easter is a time of death and re-birth I thought it would be a fitting time to share this story in art form.

The symbology of death & re-birth

We are born and our final destination is death. In between, we journey our way through life. We can come to experience symbolic moments of death and re-birth. Death of the ignorance that keeps us in comfort, tamed by the ego self, and re-birth, as we learn to hold on by letting go and take a Leap of Faith.

So what does this all mean?

Discover self love & live free from mental disease

The journey toward enlightenment starts with self love. To love thy self is to know thyself. The journey towards enlightenment is one of challenge, suffering and change. It pushes us to the edge where we can choose to fly, or fall.

The alternative is a life of seclusion and mental debate. I speak from experience. That is what I have to share.

During my late teens and early twenties, my troubled soul was dealt many a challenge, abandonment by my father, violence by my lover…..and it was when I fell pregnant with my first born, that I discovered self love and experienced a glow of warmth from deep within my depressed being.

A Leap of Faith

As I was to welcome a child into my outer world, instead, the birth and death of my first born awakened me from deep within, igniting love into my inner world.

And I made a choice……to take a Leap of Faith!

It was and has been a journey with challenge since, though now two decades later, at the age of 51, I am sharing my writings with you in creative form and the support and guidance that they offered me.

My journey, into my early thirties, I wrote out in poetic prose as-well as story form in my first publication, A Leap of Faith available on Amazon.

My first poem I came to write was at the age of 21 years, titled Energy. It speaks of mastering your own energy.

If you are today feeling challenged, think beyond the challenge, and see it as a doorway to something more enriching within. Remember, you are never alone.

There is a saying I have come to appreciate and also wrote onto another poem titled, Hold on by letting go.

Thats all from me today! I look forward to writing again soon and by the way, I have started a new U tube channel with myself narrating my poems.

With love

Anna Jane X