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Depression to light your fire!

Depression to light your fire!

The dark nights of the Soul can come to us all at any moment. Since Easter this year, I have unexpectedly faced a degree of anxiety and depression. Depression seeks silence. It seeks to navigate our...

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Anna Jane

A Little About Me!

My name is Anna Jane, and today, now in my early 50’s, I am turning my energy towards my passions for art and writing. I have overtime self-published three books, A Leap of Faith, An Artists Story, and Pandoras Box. I am also a wife, mother, and co-director of my husband’s cooking school, a professional Michelin Star Chef…lucky me!

My first book A leap Faith is like an autobiography written in rhythmic prose/ poetry. My first prose titled, Energy, which I absolutely love the vibration of, I wrote at the age of 21.  It speaks of mastering your energy!

During my 20’s, I travelled a lot working as a fashion model around Europe. Each of my prose expresses a sentiment I felt at the time of its writing, my love, my hate, my mental debate, my questions, my yearnings for love, my battle within, my view of the world, its ego, its pain, and its suffering. 

The beginning of Leap of Faith Wellness

At the age of thirty- three, I took my own Leap of Faith after the birth and death of my first born. On the day of my baby boy’s cremation, I took a piece of paper and scribbled, “Leap of Faith Wellness….worldwide” and painted my Leap of Faith flower logo. That was some time ago now!

My Journey inwards had just begun!


Books by Anna Jane

A Leap of Faith

Written in rhythmic prose, author Anna shares her story of the loss of her first born and her journey navigating the cycle of grief into self-love. This book will move any stagnate soul into a renewed state of being and beauty! 


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An Artist's Story

Using color and poetry and fifty-four intuitive art pieces, An Artist’s Story conveys a journey into your creative self, and re-discovering the beauty, light, joy and innocence of one’s inner child embedded deep inside every adult’s soul. 


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Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box maps where the experience of a spiritual awakening and clairvoyance sit safely within the human experience, how to identify a charlatan and where the impact of psychic crime sits within the field of mental health. 


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Art by Anna Jane