The Value of Unity

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In a society that knows more about war, battle and division, an emphasis on unity is needed.

To unify is to remove division. To unite is to see your enemy as your friend.

People are fighting over land, killing women and children around the world. The latest tragedy of the Israel/ Palestine war is opening the hearts of many as we look on and witness mass destruction, heartache and death.

Why can people not share land? Why cannot every child be a part of one unity? To lose site of the innocence of a child’s face, is a saddened state of being.

It sounds like a simple enough ask but the ego fuelled with rage and defiance clouds the heart of reason and compassion.

Where do these inner wars come from that lead to mass destruction ? 

Below is a poem I felt to share which I wrote as a channel and shared in my publication, “A Leap of Faith”

I pray for all those lost in the war, no matter what religion, colour or race.

May they rest in peace. 


The World, a Mild Reflection

The world outside
We see what we feel
Reflects our insides
As we turn our own wheel

Our world is our oyster
Our golden pearl
We give birth to our future
A boy and a girl

War, poverty, the future
The power of love
Inner turmoil, our teacher
Rise up child
Look above

Excerpt From
A Leap of Faith
Anna Jane Wilson

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