The Untrained Artist…or am I?

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Is Art & creative expression a doorway inwards?

My experience of Art is freedom. Freedom from the interrupting mind of thought. Art is my doorway to emotion, intuition and freedom of expression. I use colour and prose where anything goes!

The unspoken word goes into my Art!

When did my creative journey begin?

In my early twenties I became almost obsessed with art in Europe. I was travelling a lot at the time.

On my travels art museums including those of Picasso and Salvadore Dali’s located in Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain.

The Dali museum in Figueres….as a matter of fact, completely blew my mind!

Fascinated by this croissant dome shaped museum, Salvadore Dali’s art seemingly went from one room of consciousness to another with no time line and no end.

Picasso painted emotion through time periods, the blue period representing the depression followed by a rose period. So eloquently honest.

I could say this was one start to my training. Having the opportunity to visit the Art galleries of those considered to be the best artists as-well as completely and utterly bonkers!

Art in high school

At age 14, I chose Art as a subject for my two year school GCSE in England UK.

My Art teacher, Mr Guy believed I had talent after I intuitively painted vibrant colours in the shape of a cross to classical music….and it ended up in the school hall!

Besides, for a school that was known for its academic standards at that time, intuition was not something that was celebrated.

I didn’t understand what he liked about my art or how I was awarded an A to be honest.

The class was somewhat shocked when he suggested painting, ” as we felt” to classical music one day as opposed to drawing a perfect bowls of fruit.

However, it suited me well and that was my first taste of an artist within.

The Art of grief and becoming an instant professional

My parents divorced at the age of 14. By the time I was 16, my world was upside down.

Had I been given the opportunity to pursue an intuitive style of Art, I could have channelled all my inner turmoil back then onto canvas.

It was only when I experienced the loss of my first born at the age of 33, I purged so much art and poetry in a short time period; two books, 50 + paintings and one wellness centre within two years, one could say I became an instant professional.

Art Classes

I attended a life drawing class one Saturday in my thirties. The teacher was hilarious repeating the words……’ The Bottom….” in a high pitch Asian accent…..

Here is my result of ….THE BOTTOM……

My high school Art teacher Mr Guy taught me that there are no errors in Art- wise words! In the Art piece to the right, I couldn’t quite get the arms or head right, so I scribbled them out!

I booked myself into an oil painting class at the CAE in Melbourne, my first ever art class to be, but alas, COVID has got me housebound. So still no actual Art class for me….

Maybe my gift is…..

Maybe my gift is that I am an untrained artist.

My left brain hemisphere has zero conventional theories or training.

Consequently, there is no interruption or control of the sweet flow of my right intuitive brain hemisphere, giving it full reign.

Only my attention to detail in creation at times comes into play.

Transpersonal Art Therapy

At the age of 44, my experience of trauma lead me to take up studies in counselling and psychology in 2015. I studied an advanced diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy. That was hard work and extremely transformative.

So that is a little about me and how I came to be an artist……or didn’t!
I think I simply chose to use art to express my inner world!

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With love

Anna Jane