Our light within & taking a Leap of Faith …again!

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Awaken the light within your heart

I have pondered of late, wondering what am I to do?

I have experience, knowledge to share, channelled writings, yet, a lack in time and money…doubt, procrastination…… to move forward…or so I thought.

Author Susan Kennard – A beautifully written book

A family friend and acquaintance of mine, Susan Kennard is author of “Awaken The Light Within Your Heart” ( above). She has written with her guides, this amazing book.

For me, its a God send. The writings are waking me up, reminding me of my own spiritual awakening I experienced around 2005. The language she speaks in her book is familiar to me and beautifully written.

If you, like me had become shut down, I highly recommend this book. Its activation, advice on light codes, vibration and frequency and more!

I am inspired to share a poem from my first publication, A Leap of Faith. I wrote with my guides in 2006

The poem is titled Rainbow and on the topic of light, colour and reflection.

Rainbow- we reflect ourselves, in our eyes, forever after

11 July 2006, 9:11 a.m., Full Moon, Capricorn

It’s all about balance
The power of love
That retrieves the scales
When hate turns us pale

A rainbow of colour
Our shades within
Red, orange, yellow, purple
Grey, black, they all win

We are like a diamond
Different facets to our nature
We reflect ourselves
In our eyes, forever after

We see in others
What we see in ourselves
They teach us our lessons
Mother Earth, Heaven and Hell

We make our choices
From faith within
Find your own courage, I say
Wake up, be your own king

And finally you will hear
Sweet, pure music
From deep inside
Your blooming soul

You will truly sing …

Excerpt From
A Leap of Faith 
Anna Jane Wilson

With love …..and light

I had come to mistrust the saying….love and light. For the first time in a long time, I feel confident with such words!

With love and lots of light,

Anna Jane X