Love and The I Am Presence

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Love and The I Am Presence is a poem I wrote one day when participating in an organised group gathering.

The participants were sharing about their lives, about who did this and who did that and with a charge of emotion.

At the time, I was writing poetry frequently and decided to tune in to their energy and translate it into words. 

I then read the poem back to the group, who listened intently, and they loved it!

Love and The I Am Presence presents as a riddle in rhythmic poetry. It has taught me that an answer to a question is often within us.

Basically, if we point the finger, even blame another, we instead rob ourselves responsibility for our own actions.

As a result, we giveaway our personal power and the opportunity for personal growth.

Power Is responsibility and responsibility Is power.

So if you feel that you do not have power over your life and would like to have more power, look in the mirror, take charge and take a Leap of Faith! 

This poem has taught me much and I share in it my two publications, A Leap of Faith and An Artists Story.

And I absolutely love it myself too decades after writing it! 

I hope you enjoy the slideshow I have put together below myself with music, its a new feature I am working on with my new U Tube Channel!

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With love

Anna Jane X