Jealousy… Broken-down

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Jealousy is a powerful emotion. Some experience it more than others. Like with any emotion, we can learn to empower the self by mastering the energy within an emotion. If we allow negative or any emotion to fester, it becomes magnified and attracts in similar energy. So, taking heed and care of negative emotions is important for our wellbeing.

I wrote my prose titled “Jealousy” about two decades ago on the 22nd September 2005 when in my thirties.

Today I share it on my blog in both written and video form. ( see below U Tube link but please finish reading first!)

I enjoy reading it like being my own hamlet on stage!

Around the same time, I also wrote prose titled, “Greed,” “Tortured Mind, Tortured Soul,” and “Sweet and Innocence,” amongst many others. I was at the time in deep grief, viewing the world through the lenses of grief, writing out and cleansing my soul.

I share all these works in my book A Leap of Faith My book can be likened to an autobiography in poetic prose, poetry written from the soul to touch the soul and enliven ones spirit.

Below are words from the prologue to this particular section of my book; FIRE: SPIRIT & MIND: Cleansing…..

Society and the breeding of jealousy

The onslaught of productivity and access to so much, brings with it a comparative and competitive society that wants more. The impact of such an environment for the individual is more focus on what one doesn’t or wants to have, more so than on what one does have. Gratitude becomes lost and jealousy takes reign.

Abraham Maslow- Infamous psychologist 1908 to 1970 posed the question….

It is quite true that man lives by bread alone — when there is no bread. But what happens to man’s desires when there is plenty of bread and when his belly is chronically filled?”

Abraham Maslow- A Theory of Human Motivation

So, I leave you with this for today and do please join my on my NEW U tube channel, just set up today. I am looking forward to sharing so much more!

With love Anna Jane

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