A True Leader & the Art of Intelligence

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The art of intelligence….. is the ability to communicate to the recipient a language they will understand.

A wise man once shared this with me.

There exist differing types of intelligence including; academic, emotional and social intelligence.

There are some, we refer to, as academics who may go to universities to study, with sharp, even photographic memories. Yet at the same time, are less comfortable in social settings and lacking in emotional intelligence.

Then there are those who are highly empathic with high social skills & emotional intelligence. Yet at the same time, lack the same sharpness of memory and mind to compliment, perhaps bestowing instead a strong degree of intuition.

So which is smarter and knows better, one may ask?

I have learnt that where one person may lack in one skill, they may shine in another.

Few naturally have it all.

There also exist differing learning abilities such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic

So what makes a True Leader?

One may say and agree there are many characteristics that can be considered in the creation of a true leader.
But what actually makes people BELIEVE – IN – them?

To believe in something is to have faith. Belief is intangible. It is something you feel or sense inside.

It accompanies all of the above differing “intelligences” and differing learning abilities. It is the outcome of all of it.

Below is a prose I share, from my book, A Leap of Faith, I wrote in November of 2005, during my experience of spiritual awakening.

Titled, ” True Leader.”

Qualities of a True Leader

For a democracy to thrive, we may agree on the following two qualities

  1. Wisdom of experience being ones foundation to support ones message.
  2. The ability to articulate ones message so that those listening understand the message clearly

Below is a second poem I wrote on the same day as the above poem. Both poems, I wrote in my section, named Worldly Matters of my first publication, A Leap of Faith

Titled, “Lead Your Self.”

Make of it, as you will, and receive any sentiment/ meaning/ message it may hold for you.

Lead Yourself
26 November 2005

What is a leader?
Your drive from within
Sets boundaries of where
You may lose or win

If your actions show
Hate, war, money, no glow
Your lead is false
And knows no flow

True inner pride
Comes at a price
Take faith in your drive
The source comes to survive

The challenges, the pitfalls,
The joy, the pain
Face the challenges
Find your true inner gain

A foundation of love,
Peace, and harmony
Create a future
Bright and secure

Foundation of hate
War and debate
Creates a future
Of madness, sadness
No honest fate

Our angels do guide
Those that are true
Listen to your voice,
Your intuition, through and through

Your inner voice
Is the truth of all
You may vibrate
Make haste, let yourself fall
Then rise up with courage
And you will find
All you need ever know
In every lifetime

And leave behind
Peace of mind

Excerpt From
A Leap of Faith
Anna Jane Wilson
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With love, hope and true faith

Anna Jane