Pandora’s box- Available as E Book/ Kindle Soon

Pandora’s box- Available as E Book/ Kindle Soon

Available Soon as E Book/Kindle Book

How does a psychic attack occur? To whom would you report this? How does this impact ones mental psychology and general wellbeing?

Today, challenges of the ego-self and depression prevails many people’s lives. Many are turning inwards in the search for inner resolution and psychic healers are being sought out for guidance and healing.

In the absence of formal education and regulation, many, including young gifted psychics are at risk to falling victim to self-professed psychic masters and charlatans.

Can this Industry be regulated? Can an educational program exist to educate young gifted psychics? Can we protect society from charlatans that feed of another’s vulnerable state? Can psychic practice be accepted and understood as an extension of the human experience by our society today?

The answer is yes and can be found here, in Pandora’s box.


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