An Artist’s Story – E book/kindle $5.87

An Artist’s Story – E book/kindle $5.87

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Available as E book/Kindle AUD$5.87  Click here to purchase on Amazon

Through the use of colour and poetry, An Artist’s Story conveys a journey in re-discovering the beauty, light, joy and innocence of one’s inner child embedded deep inside every adult’s soul. In today’s society, many are experiencing the life of an android, with depression and mental disease on the increase, as we are exposed to longer hours of work and an increase in the use of electromagnetic tools. To live life from the heart, where inspiration, courage and faith become one’s drive, is a challenge for most.

This book is written for readers who wish to reconnect to their inner child, to heal and rediscover self-love, to feel inspired about their life once more and find their path and place on top of their world, deep inside the pits of their soul; a place only you can control, nurture and manifest to your heart’s desire!

First self published 2013. (Balboa Press- Division of Hay House publishing)



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