Anna Jane Wilson

Anna Jane Wilson

Anna Jane Wilson had a conventional upbringing and was born and raised in England, UK. Come her late teens and early twenties, with family emigrating to Australia, modelling became her unexpected vehicle for travelling. Anna came to temporarily reside in and experience the delights of art and culture in Paris- France and Barcelona-Spain, before settling permanently in Australia at the age of 26.

Anna’s high school was predominantly academic leaving little avenue for creativity. On leaving school, her exposure to art and culture on her travels triggered her to write intermittently, her first poem written in 1993 at the age of 22, is her now own infamous poem entitled, ‘Energy.”

After settling in Sydney, Australia and completing a Diploma in Business Hospitality Management, Anna because a restaurant and functions manager. Four years later and with a sense of apathy setting in, on a weekend visit to Melbourne, she decided to pack up and move there in search of a mini Europe with a yearning to re-ignite her inner poet.

Relationships were frequent and short for Anna as she searched for a type of love reflective and complimentary to her soul yearnings that she came to write of in her poetry. The birth and death of her first born in 2005 at the age of 33, catapulted Anna onto the path of self love teaching her the valuable lesson of looking inwards. Anna wrote her first two books, “A Leap of Faith” (2011) and “An Artist’s Story” (2013) completing each by July 2006.

In October 2006, with much drive and inner fortitude driven by the experience of profound loss, Anna took over a wellness centre in her locality where she had been practicing since 2004 as a qualified massage therapist. Within the first twelve months of her director ship, she fell victim to psychic crime as a client of a notably highly regarded therapist she and other innocents came to cross an unfortunate path with.

Her life since she has pursued with tenacious focus, refusing to become derailed by events she did not understand. Come 2008, she re- branded and re-launched her business as her own Leap of Faith Wellness Centre. As time moved forward, the impact of the crime began to take its toll on Anna, with inexplainable sensitivities and a worsening condition of her spine at the cervical vertebrae finally resulting in a painful disc bulge at C6/7 affecting the use of her left arm. Today, the quality use of both her arms remain impacted upon, a limitation and at times painful frustration Anna has had to come to live with. It was this pain that triggered PTSD (post traumatic stress) as embedded memories of the crime resurrected years later for processing and healing and herein began the journey and writing of Pandora’s Box.

At its near completion, in 2014, Anna relocated her centre. Come May 2015, she successfully sold her wellness centre, and undertook studies in psychology, namely an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy and commenced the journey of self publishing her third book, Pandora’s Box.

Today, Anna is happily married and settled in Melbourne, Australia with her young family.