Anna Jane Wilson

About Anna Jane Wilson

Anna was born and raised in England, UK. Come her late teens and early twenties, with family emigrating to Australia, modelling became her vehicle for travelling. Anna came to temporarily reside in and experience the delights of art and culture in Paris- France and Barcelona-Spain, before settling permanently in Australia at the age of 26.

Anna’s high school was predominantly academic providing little avenue for creativity. On leaving school, her exposure to art and culture on her travels triggered her to write intermittently, her first poem written in 1993 at the age of 22, is her now own infamous poem entitled, ‘Energy.”

After settling in Sydney, Australia and completing a Diploma in Business Hospitality Management, Anna became a restaurant and functions manager. Four years later, on a weekend visit to Melbourne, she decided to pack up and move there in search of a mini Europe with a yearning to re-ignite her inner poet.

At the age of 33, the birth and death of her first born son in 2005, catapulted Anna onto the path of self love and inner child, teaching her the valuable lesson of looking inwards and her inner poet became re enlivened.  On her sons cremation day, she experienced an epiphany to set up, ‘Leap of Faith Wellness ….worldwide.” Anna then produced her first two books which she later published, one in poetry; “A Leap of Faith” (2011) and one with her art and accompanying poetry, “An Artist’s Story” (2013) .

In October 2006,  Anna took over a wellness centre in her locality where she had been practicing since 2004 as a qualified massage therapist. Come May 2007, she fell victim to a brutal crime, psychic in nature catapulting her into the realm of the nonmaterial. Muted yet undeterred, she went on to develop her concept of Leap of Faith Wellness revamping and renaming her centre in 2008. By 2010, the police had undertaken investigations against the perpetrator in acknowledgement of his crimes, both psychic and non psychic.  For the pursuant years whilst director of her wellness centre, Anna recruited a variety of therapists including psychic mediums and embarked on a journey of discovery for answers to her own questions, later becoming a necessity as she experienced (PTSD) post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the negative impact the psychic crime was having on her.

Come 2015, she successfully sold her wellness centre, and undertook studies in psychology, namely an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy and commenced the journey of self publishing her third book, Pandora’s Box in which she provides her answers to those many questions.

Today, having journeyed through her own grief, trauma and PTSD, Anna is now happily married and settled in Melbourne, Australia.