Leap of Faith:Pandora’s Box


Leap of Faith Wellness was established when I took my own Leap of Faith after the birth and death of my first born in 2005.

In my moment of grief, I wrote on a piece of scrap paper, “Leap of Faith Wellness…. worldwide” In the face of death, I gave birth to life itself, but within me, as my inner child came into the light and burst into life with colour.

Creativity became my voice as I navigated my way through the stages of grief, writing and painting intuitively. By June 2006 I completed my first two publications, “A Leap of Faith” (2011) and “An Artists Story” (2013)

A year later, I took over a Wellness centre in my locality which was offering massage, Reiki healing and psychic readings. Psychic practice was unknown to me and my previous left-brain dominant existence. Having opened up to channelling via my heart with creativity, I was keen to pursue and integrate a path of human potential for myself and others with my wellness centre. In 2008, with a gallery of art, a bookshop and therapy rooms, I had re-branded and renamed the centre, “Leap of Faith Wellness.”


“Healer deceived women in need” 9th Dec 2009 Article – Sydney Morning Herald Click here

Within the first year of taking over my new business, I became the targeted victim to a male psychic charlatan and psychic attack. After a booked healing session with him, I endured intermittent intrusions into my dreamworld and after a confrontation in person with the charlatan, I endured three weeks of intense nightly intrusions as I was paralysed and assaulted in my dreamworld. It became a game of survival, a test of endurance and of my sanity as my survival instincts took over. During the nightly attacks, I learnt to take my energy to my heart space away from the fear of my mind and in time, the attacking energies of this man and what else he had exposed me to, began to seemingly melt away.

In my book, “Pandora’s Box” subtitled, “The call for regulation and bringing back hope,” I share my story as victim and survivor of this psychic crime. The perpetrator was a male charlatan presenting himself as a psychologist, North America Shaman and psychic. I was not the only muted victim. In 2010, the police having opened a case on this man’s crimes including the psychic aspect of them contacted me. The perpetrator later committed suicide prior to standing trial and was named “a danger to society” by the health commission.

”Healer deceived women in need” 9th Dec 2009 Article – Sydney Morning Herald Click here. 

The police though in recognition of the crimes psychic in nature, stated they could not prosecute for psychic attacks, as the judicial system did not recognise them. First a bill must be passed through parliament. For a bill to be passed, psychic crime and psychic practice needs to be further understood. Sadly, in the absence of Justice, there remains little to no recognition or avenue of healing or support for victims of such crimes.

Today, 2020, 13 years on, I have found my happy place again. I have experienced PTSD and chronic pain as a result of this psychic crime. It has not been easy.

Prior to the crime, I was a fashion model, Hospitality manager and Business development manager. I did not grow up with knowledge about psychic practice. I now have plenty of valuable knowledge to share which I do so in my book, Pandora’s Box.


Pandora’s Box maps where the development of psychic skills such as clairvoyance sits safely within the human experience and away from the dark arts of psychic practice, and where the impact of psychic crime sits within the field of mental health. I present how and why regulation and education is now imperative for the industry of psychic practice to be formally vetted, understood and accepted and most importantly, to continue in a manner that is duty of care applied. Welcome to a safe path in human potential.