Leap of faith wellness

Hello there and welcome to my page!

My name is Anna Jane Wilson and I am the proud founder of Leap of Faith Wellness.

I established the name on the 18th August 2005, the cremation day of my first born, James. In my moment of grief, I wrote on a piece of scrap paper, “Leap of Faith Wellness…worldwide.” Like an epiphany, it was as though I had given birth not only to my son, but also to my own Leap of Faith and a calling from deep within.

Creativity became my voice as I navigated my way through the stages of grief, writing and painting intuitively. By June 2006 I completed my first two publications, “A Leap of Faith” (2011) and “An Artists Story” (2013)

My flower logo I also painted at this time. This remains today, my emblem and logo for A Leap of Faith. Its accompanying prose, “The Umbilical Cord of Life” ( Leap of Faith (2011) personifies the interplay of words of grief with the healing powers of Mother Nature, a theme I have since carried in my art and poetic writings.

By October 2006, I took over a Wellness center in my then locality. The center provided therapies including massage, Reiki and psychic readings. Come 2008, with a gallery of art, a bookshop and therapy rooms I had re-branded and renamed my center, “Leap of Faith Wellness.” At the end of the same year, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl.


This turnaround of events from a place of grief into apparent joy and success was marred by the occurrence of a psychic crime to which I fell victim in 2007. This crime happened to me on what I now understand to be the astral plane where the intangible world of ones powerful subconscious, encasing your memories, dreams, fears and desires reign. Consequently, and being in ignorance to any such knowledge at a conscious learned level at that time, I buried the memory of the crime and continued my life, as I knew it.

Throughout my directorship from 2006 to 2015, I faced on going challenges in energetic dynamics namely projections, and psychic attack attempts from both charlatans, the ignorance of young ill prepared gifted psychics and mature psychic practitioners who remained at the mercy of their own embedded wounds. I became severely burnt by my own business, a business that was intended for good and to thrive in the essence of creativity within a spiritual wellness-healing center.


By 2013, under severe stress, post-traumatic stress (PTSD) was erupting within my person. I had suffered greatly from psychic attacks and malpractices from within an Industry I had believed was about the care of the soul and not the rape of it. I finally concluded that in the absence of regulation and formal education for the Industry of psychic practice, there was simply no avenue of success in fulfilling my vision alone and I started to pen Pandora’s Box. I relocated my business, downsizing, and in 2015, successfully sold the business, which continues succesfully today under new directorship and with in part the smaller solid team I finally came to build.

In my book, “Pandora’s Box” subtitled, “The call for regulation and bringing back hope,” I share my own story as victim of a horrifying psychic crime occurring 2007. I was not the only muted victim. In 2010, the police who opened a case on this man’s crimes including the psychic aspect of them contacted me. This charlatan was a male sexual perpetrator, who later committed suicide prior to standing trial, and was named “a danger to society” by the health commission. The police though in recognition of his crimes psychic in nature, stated they could not prosecute for those, as the judicial system did not recognize them. First a bill must be passed through parliament for this to occur. For a bill to be passed, psychic crime and psychic practice needs to be understood. With no Justice, there remains no recognition or avenue of healing or support for the many victims of such crimes.

As I wrote my way out of grief into an apparent place of joy back in 2006 and set about my vision for Leap of Faith Wellness, I have now written my way out of PTSD, trauma and psychic crime bringing myself back to my true essence, one that wants and deserves to thrive in creative expression.


As well as the pitfalls, Pandora’s Box highlights the many potentials which exist within the industry of spiritual wellness. I map where the development of skills such as clairvoyance sits safely within the human experience and away from the dark arts of psychic practice, and where the impact of psychic crime sits within the field of mental health. I present how and why regulation and education is now imperative for the industry of psychic practice to be formally vetted, understood and accepted as a part of Spiritual Wellness and to thrive in a manner that is duty of care applied and in alignment with what I have come to know as God’s vibration. Welcome to the path of human potential.