Hubby and I …Current day 2022!

Hubby and I …Current day 2022!

Hubby and I …Current day 2022!

Hubby is a chef, and a very good one at that. I have put on 6 kilos since we met, and with my 50th now approaching in June of this year 2022, I think at 1.77 metres now weighing in at 69kilos, that is ok! I am learning to celebrate myself during these latter years after too many of inner self doubt whilst striving for a place in our somewhat crazy world. 

Hubby is an artist himself in food art as well as an amazing cook as this first photo of us together presents. Below is a favourite black and white of mine which I took of him at our cooking school.

We met in 2015 at an online dating site. I had just sold my Leap of Faith Wellness centre after re-locating and downsizing it and was suffering severe PTSD as a result of the psychic crime I sadly fell victim to in 2007 (which I refer to on my about page and lead me to writing my third publication, “Pandora’s Box.”) I was over dating and of the belief that that was it for me, that I would never marry. He, single since 15 months was seeking the same as me….a loving partner and someone to share a family 💗 

A Professor Rafael Locke had come to my assistance at the peak of my pain in 2014 when experiencing flashbacks associated with PTSD and chronic back pain. I found the professors name on a investigation report provided by then Victorian Health Services Commissioner, Beth Wilson against the charlatan, Shamir Shalom who was committing the psychic crimes to which I fell victim.  Here is a link to that report here. The professor encouraged me to take up formal study in Art Therapy and so I did. 

So when I met Walter, I was studying an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy / Psychology and he was running his cooking school. He was a father and then primary carer for his 5 about to turn 6 year old cute son. Wow a family man ! My daughter having just turned 7, was and is my blessed angel girl proceeding my first born son, James, (that little soul from my Life painting.) 

A blended family was born. Seven years later, we are going strong 💗 

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