Blog 2 in 2022! “Wanting Thy Soul Deep- Time To Feel”

Blog 2 in 2022! “Wanting Thy Soul Deep- Time To Feel”

Wanting Thy Soul Deep

Blog 2 in 2022! “Wanting Thy Soul Deep- Time To Feel”


Deep Red

The Horizon

Yellow Sun

The Deep Blood

Drips down

Wanting thy soul deep

To become one

An Artists Story (2013)

Hello hello ! It’s me again. Thank you for my first comment on my previous blog – “It’s Been a While” and I see I have some other comments also, this is all new to me! The excitement I felt to read such words of encouragement have got my inner child dancing to write ✍️ again and I am delighted that a mutual inner gain is occuring in the process. 🙂 

My inner child was nudging me to post my second blog – “Wanting Thy Soul Deep” on Easter Day, as a token for new beginnings. As the title depicts, Wanting thy soul deep – is exactly that, however I was busy …..the standard excuse for not hearing one’s inner voice speak from the darkness within wanting to momentarily shine it’s light of innocence into the world, both inner and outer. 

I am currently in the car, two kids in the back, hubby driving the rental car back towards Cairns airport. It has been our first proper holiday since COVID hit.  

Today, I am happily married with a family…. finally, I have overcome many an obstacle to find my happy place. 

“Wanting Thy Soul Deep” is the first art piece I painted back in the January of 2005. At its conclusion, I scribbled some lines of poetry, my right brain dominating my presence into momentary peace and calm as I touched inwards bringing meaning into my outer world. I had been looking for art for my home and a voice kept saying to me, you can do that, so I did and voila! This piece, as cheap and quick as it was to paint, still hangs in my dining room to this day 🙂 

As fate would have it, I continued to paint, balancing cheap canvas from the local $2 shop on my bean bag on the floor of my then apartment using some old acrylics paints I had saved from yesteryear when living in Paris France. I loved the simple no fuss approach I took that kept the analytical, planning, and stressing aspects of my left-brain hemisphere at bay. I just painted, no plan, no formal training to spoil my flow, no fancy set up, just me feeling free in the moment with my canvas on the floor, a brush, some sponges, and paint. Anyone can do it! 

Come the April, of the same year and about my sixteenth painting, (yup!) I came to realise another inner voice was wanting to be heard 💗 This painting entitled “Life” which I ll share in my next blog post ( that’s now decided just then !) had me looking back at a baby encased in colour within, a dot forming into Life itself …

Unknown to me at that time, I was embarking on a new journey into taking my very own, “Leap of faith” from very far deep inside my soul. 

Of my first two books, An Artists story (published 2013) became the compilation of my next 60 art pieces with their accompanying poetry which I painted mostly between 2005 and 2007. Their quality is lacking given the $2 shop supplied my then canvas but good enough to be photographed and placed in a book, creating a type of hero’s Journey.

Available on Amazon ” An Artists Story”

A Leap of Faith (published 2011) is the compilation of my writings in poetic pose again predominantly written during those same two years and including some earlier prose I had written adhoc during my twenties. 

Available on Amazon ” A Leap of Faith”

Publishing my first two books was never a plan, but as time went on, I began to realise and understand the beauty and healing that could be found in art and creative expression. It’s as though all the words and buried emotions I didn’t speak become heard in the most beautiful, revealing, and safe way to which many may relate and find their comfort, courage, and encouragement with, and that is why I published. 

I look forward to sharing my next blog and thank you for joining me (if you do !) 

Love Anna Jane x

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